Over the past decade, the field of entrepreneurship education research has developed significantly. The theme for the first 3E – ECSB Entrepreneurship Education – Conference in Aarhus 2013 was “Rethinking Entrepreneurship Education, Training and Policy: The questions we care about.” The ambition was to create a conference on entrepreneurship education that broadened the concepts of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education beyond the traditional venture creation and business school domains and to welcome scholars from education, pedagogy, and learning to integrate their education research with entrepreneurship. Since then, the 3E conferences have brought together scholars and educators from a broad variety of educational institutions and disciplinary backgrounds, and continuously serve as a central European platform for the exchange and creation of knowledge in entrepreneurship education.

Through an innovative and non-traditional format, the 3E Conference establishes a different paradigm for entrepreneurship conferences. It offers an exclusive and engaging opportunity for researchers, educators, and politicians to debate and exchange their experiences of the major challenges and advances in enterprise education with a special and unique focus on Europe. Unlike more traditional academic events, the conference focuses on problems and questions rather than on solutions and presentations of research findings. The format is unplugged, no power point presentations allowed, round table discussions that participants have read beforehand. Further, the keynote speakers are chosen from among the participants rather than being invited outsiders.


In 2023, the 3E Conference celebrates 10-year anniversary and return to the city of Aarhus. The 2023 edition is hosted by Aarhus University and VIA University College in collaboration.

Over the past decade, the field of entrepreneurship education research has also grown significantly. But what have we learnt from the past decade about doing education-based research? And how can we use what we have learned to design and rethink entrepreneurship education for the future?


Potential participants include entrepreneurship education researchers, research-based educators from primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, other researchers and academics, practitioners, trainers, educators, special interest group representatives, and policy makers.