We are happy to welcome you to Aarhus, Denmark!

Aarhus is the second-largest city in Denmark and it is located on the eastern shore of Jutland in the Kattegat sea and approximately 185 kilometres northwest of Copenhagen.

Below you will find some useful and interesting information to help you prepare for your stay in Aarhus.

Let’s talk about Denmark Podcast

Prepare your trip to Denmark by listening to this podcast.

The podcast “Let’s Talk about Denmark” takes a closer look at the Danes and the values of their welfare state and explores how happiness, trust, welfare, and democracy go hand in hand.


Tourist info about the Aarhus region

Find out what the locals love and be inspired for your visit.


Also read this Time article that praises Aarhus to be one of “World’s Greatest Places 2023”


See some ideas where to visit and eat: Sights and cafes in Aarhus (pdf).

Getting around

Getting around in Aarhus and in the Aarhus Region is easy with the city buses and also with Denmark’s first light rail, Letbanen.


Taxi: Aarhus Taxa app or ph. +45 89 48 48 48

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