Preparing for PDWs

We would like to make this a paperless conference so there will be no hard copies of papers available. All PDW briefings can be accessed online during the conference.

There will be no hard copies of the timetable. Please make sure you have access to the latest draft.

Preparing for parallel PDW sessions

The format for the PDW parallel session is 10 min for the presenter followed by a 30 min interactive session for the audience – a total of 40 min. After each session there is 5 min to change rooms if you wish to attend a paper in a different room. Therefore, it is important that we all keep strictly to the times in the program and make sure that you get to the room on time after coffee and lunch breaks.

The format is strictly unplugged with an emphasis on interaction. Each room will have the following available: Whiteboard, flipchart, markers, and post-its.

Please be aware that all rooms are a bit different in format and setup.

The role of the Presenter

As everyone listening has read the PDW briefing beforehand the presenters have 10 min to remind the audience about the focus of the session and any practical examples they may wish to share to initiate the workshop. In this time the presenter will also outline the activities to follow, how this will be structured and how delegates are expected to participate.

The presentation is unplugged – there should be no computers or PowerPoints. It is important to keep strictly to the allotted time for the introduction before beginning the interactive element. Ensure that you finish the entire session with the 40 minutes allotted.

The role of the Audience

When you attend a session, you are expected to have read the PDW briefing beforehand. You may have a specific interest in the topic or just be curious about it, so it is a good idea to consider relevant issues or examples from your own experience. Please note the briefing may require you to have performed some work in advance of the conference, so please arrive prepared to participate. We want to promote a supportive dynamic discussion and hope that you are also able to develop broader discussions concerning issues, reflections and actions arriving from the PDW.