Preparing for Research Paper Sessions

We would like to make this a paperless conference so there will be no hard copies of papers available. All papers can be accessed digitally during the conference.

There will be no hard copies of the timetable. Please make sure you have access to the latest draft.

Preparing for parallel paper sessions

The format for the parallel session is 10 min for the presenter followed by a 30 min discussion with the audience – a total of 40 min. After each session there is 5 min to change rooms if you wish to attend a paper in a different room. Therefore, it is important that we all keep strictly to the times in the program and make sure that you get to the room on time after coffee and lunch breaks.

The format is strictly unplugged with an emphasis on discussion and development of the paper. Each room will have the following available: Whiteboard, flipchart, markers, and post-its.

Please be aware that all rooms are a bit different in format. If you prefer to have a look in advance, please access a virtual 3D-tool here:

Please also note, that there is no time to re-arrange the setup of the room.

The role of the Presenter

As everyone listening has read the paper beforehand the presenters have 10 min to remind the audience about the content of the paper. In this time, the presenter will identify some relevant questions for the group, which might help the development of their papers and request suggestions for improvement.

The presentation is unplugged – there should be no computers or PowerPoints and no IT facilities will be provided. It is important to keep strictly to the allotted time for presentation. The chair will let you know how much time is left.

The role of the Chair

This role is a very important one in a conference where papers are pre-circulated. Consequently, we ask those chairing to:

  • Prior to the session to have carefully read the paper which you have been allocated
  • Prior to the session to make yourself known to the presenter
  • At the session introduce the presenter, remind them that they have 10 minutes for their introduction (they might wish to include some questions for the group)
  • Use the reminder cards provided to keep the presenter to the time (5min card and a 1 minute left card)
  • After the presentation ensure that the audience is allowed equal opportunity to ask helpful/appreciative question to the presenter.
  • Ensure that there are opportunities to develop discussions and debate of specific interests.
  • Be prepared to ask questions if the group is not forthcoming.
  • Be prepared to intervene in support of the presenter if you feel they are being unfairly treated.
  • Be prepared to intervene if necessary to ensure individuals keep their comments succinct and relevant.
  • Ensure that the session finishes at the appointed time and finish the session by thanking the presenter and reminding delegates to be prompt for the next session.
  • Generally, ensure an appreciative and collegial environment.
  • Ensure to finish the entire session with the 40 minutes allotted.

The role of the Audience

When you attend a session, you are expected to have read the paper beforehand. You may have a specific interest in the topic or just be curious about it, so it is a good idea to prepare helpful questions to the presenter. We want to promote a supportive dynamic discussion and hope that you are also able to develop broader discussions concerning issues and analysis arising from the papers.